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Blakely Avenue Extension

Blakely Avenue Extension
Project Description:

The Blakely Avenue Extension will be a new terrain roadway that will extend from the intersection of Blakely Ave. and Wabash Ave. south to Fruitridge Avenue near the intersection of Fruitridge Avenue and Riley Avenue. The construction of the Blakely Avenue Extension will make it possible to remove the existing traffic signal, which will improve traffic flow in a congested section of Wabash Avenue.  This project will include a two lane roadway with storm sewer and sidewalks.

Construction Begins:  April, 2010
Substantial Completion:  July, 2010
Final Completion:  August, 2010
Construction Cost: $1,800,000
Funding Source:    CMAQ Funds, Cumulative Capital Development, & Sanitary District General
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