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Brown Boulevard Corridor

The Brown Boulevard Corridor was first developed in 2004 and was modeled after Ohio Boulevard. The purpose of the project is to provide a roadway connection from Brown Avenue and Locust Street to Maple Avenue to provide parallel congestion relief to 25th Street and provide access to property along the corridor for development purposes. The corridor was also conceived to establish pedestrian amenities from Ohio Boulevard to Terre Haute North High School.  These amenities will include a multi-use trail and a boulevard cross section.


Brown Boulevard was originally designed in three phases; Locust Street to Maple Avenue, Locust Street to Wabash Avenue, and Wabash Avenue to Ohio Boulevard. Currently, the storm drainage for phase 1 (Locust to Maple) is complete along with the sanitary sewer extension to serve the area east of Brown Boulevard and south of Lost Creek. Brown Boulevard will also include a bridge crossing Lost Creek.

Construction Year
Status Project Manager
Phase I – Drainage
Complete Brad Utz
Phase I – Sanitary Sewer
Complete Brad Utz
Phase I – Bridge & Maple Avenue Intersection
2008 – 2009
Under Construction Brad Utz
Phase I – Trail
May 09 Letting Larry Robbins
Phase I – Roadway
Under Construction Brad Utz
Phase II – Roadway
Under Construction Brad Utz
Phase III – Roadway & Trail
Ready for Letting Larry Robbins
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 Engineering Department
(812) 232-4028
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