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NAM Saturday Programs

The Native American Museum in Dobbs Park hosts one Saturday program each month.

2018 Saturday Programs
January 6  10 am: The Eagle: America's National Bird
Learn about the Native Americans' view of the beautiful bald eagle.  $1 craft fee
 February 3  10 am: Northwest Trade Blankets
The people of the Northwest Coast obtained blankets from the European traders.  Make a button blanket of your very own!  $1 craft fee
March 3  10 am: Who Has Seen the Wind? 
We'll discuss American Indian views of the weather and make a wind chime.  $1 craft fee
April 7  10 am: Northern Plains Ledger Art
Did you know that the men of the northern Plains used plain office paper to create lively works of art?  Come and see for yourself!  $1 craft fee
May 5  10:00 am: Storytelling Bag
Decorate your storytelling bag with all sorts of Native American symbols.   $1 craft fee
June 2  10 am: The Sacred Dog
The people of the Great Plains called the horse the "Sacred Dog."  We'll talk about the importance of horses to them and make a fun craft.  $1 craft fee
July 7  10 am: The Misunderstood Wampum
We sometimes use the word "wampum" to describe money, but its actual history is much more complicated.  $1 craft fee
August 4  10 am: The Leather Pouch
Have fun making a leather pouch to hold your special belongings.  $1 craft fee
September 8  10 am: Native American Fishing Techniques
Native Americans were famous hunters, but they were skillful fishermen, too.  $1 craft fee
October 6  10 am: Animal Tracks Booklets
Make a handy booklet to help you discover what animals are around your home.  $1 craft fee
November 4  10 am: Honoring the Warriors
Warriors are a vital part of Native American communities, and we'll make a choker just like those of the men of the Great Plains.  $1 craft fee
December 2  10 am: Christmas Ornaments
A handmake Christmas present is always a big hit with family and friends.  $1 craft fee
Note to parents:  Most of our programs are geared toward children ages 4 and over, as well as adults.  You know your children--if you have little ones who would enjoy our activities, they are always welcome to join us!

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