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NAM Saturday Programs

The Native American Museum in Dobbs Park hosts one Saturday program each month. We want to thank Kim and Bob DisPennett for five years of faithful service with our Native American Flute Circle. We wish them well in their new home in Florida. The Flute Circle will be discontinued until further notice.

2017 Saturday Programs
January 7  10 am: Celebrating Winter
We'll tell some stories about evergreens and make a neat craft from pinecones.  $1 craft fee
 February 4  10 am: Zuni Animal Effigy
The Zuni Indians of Arizona made effigies of animals years ago.  Learn about them and make one of your very own.  $1 craft fee
March 4  10 am: Navajo Sand Painting
The Navajo people believe colored sand with intricate designs will heal the sick.  $1 craft fee
April 1  10 am: Here, Kitty, Kitty
Wild cats have long been a staple of Native American stories and names.  $1 craft fee
May 6  10:00 am: Welcome to the Dance: Dancers' Anklets
Dance is a very important part of Native American tradition.  Make your own anklet.  $1 craft fee
June 3  10 am: Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden Scarecrow
The people of the Great Plains make scarecrows to keep animals out of their gardens.  $1 craft fee
July 1  10 am: The Drum, Heartbeat of Mother Earth
Make your very own drum as we discuss its importance in American Indian music.  $1 craft fee
August 5  10 am: Bountiful Harvest: Gourd Painting
We'll learn about the versatile gourd and paint one to take home.  $1 craft fee
September 16  10 am: Archaeology Month: Making an Arrowhead Necklace
The bow and arrow are timeless images of native peoples.  Make an arrowhead necklace to take with you.  $1 craft fee
October 7  10 am: Don't Let the Owl Call Your Name
We'll discuss the importance of the owl in Native American lore and make a neat craft.  $1 craft fee
November 4  10 am: Remembering the Warriors
Warriors are a vital part of Native American communities.  $1 craft fee
December 2  10 am: The Original Take-Out Food: Felt Pouch
A felt pouch to carry your belongings in will make a great Christmas present.  $1 craft fee
Note to parents:  Most of our programs are geared toward children ages 4 and over, as well as adults.  You know your children--if you have little ones who would enjoy our activities, they are always welcome to join us!

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