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2019 Saturday Programs

January 12  10:30 am: Eat or be Eaten: Food Chains
Plants and animals are connected.  Everything eats something.  Find out where we all fit in and make a food chain tube.  Registration prior to event requested.  $1.50 craft fee

February 2  10:00 am-12:00: Birding with the Wabash Valley Audubon Society (WVAS)

Join a member of the local Audubon Society as she watches her nets for birds in our viewing area.  Any bird that is caught will be gently removed from the net, and you'll be able to get a close look at it before it is released.  Free

February 9  10:30 am: Whooping Cranes

Whooping cranes are coming back from the brink of extinction.  Learn about our largest crane species in North America and make a whooper craft.  Registration prior to event requested.  $1.00 craft fee 

February 16  10:00 am-12:00 pm: Birding with the WVAS (See Feb. 2 entry for details)

March 2  10:00 am-12:00 pm: Birding with the WVAS (See Feb. 2 entry for details) 

March 9  10:30 am: Hellbenders 

Purdue University's Jenny Sutherland will discuss her work to save the hellbender, a salamander which is endangered in Indiana.  Make some slime as we learn about its adaptations.   

March 16  10:00 am: Birding with WVAS

Ben Cvengas will take us on a hike to listen for migrating birds.  Bring your binoculars or borrow a pair from the Nature Center.  Make a bird call to take with you on future adventures.  Registration prior to event requested.  $3.00 craft fee

March 23 10:30 am-12:30 pm: Mapping the Invasion: EDDMapS Training and Eradication

Bring your smart phone, tablet, or laptop to learn about this innovative way of identifying infestations of invasive plants.  Dress for the outdoors because you're going to be helping us with our ongoing honeysuckle removal.  Free.  Email to register.

April 6  1:00 -5:00 pm: 1st Annual Terre Haute Bird Festival

We'll celebrate birds with hikes, netting demonstrations, crafts, live bird talks, merchandise, a bake sale, and more.  Free  Check out the WVAS website and Facebook page for details. 

April 13 10:30 am: Walk Through the Wildflowers
Weather permitting, we'll walk through the park and learn to identify spring flowers.  We'll have a power point presentation if the weather doesn't cooperate.  Free

May 18  10:30 am:  Lightning Bugs--Indiana's State Insect

Indiana adopted the Say's Lightning Bug as our state insect in 2018.  Discover the secrets of this luminous insect and make one to take with you.  Registration prior to event requested.  $2.00 craft fee

June 8  9:00 am-11:00 am: 38th Annual Kids' Fishing Rodeo

Our popular annual event returns! Fun for kids ages 2-15!  Registration prior to event is suggested.  Registration the day of the event is from 8:00 am-10:00 am.  Stringers are not allowed, so please bring a bucket.  Free

July 13  10:30 am: Honeybees with Wabash Valley Bee Club

Learn about honey bees, why they matter, and how to care for them. Registration prior to event is requested.  $1.00 craft fee

August 10 1:00 pm: Afternoon with the Butterflies

We'll learn how to draw butterflies to our own backyards, as well as what we can all do to help the monarchs.  Make a fuse bead butterfly.  Registration prior to event is requested.  $1.00 craft fee

September 21  12th Annual Indiana Bat Festival

10:00 am- 4:00 pm at ISU Science Building; 6:00 pm-9:00 pm at Dobbs Park

Participate in our Bat Art Contest for all ages.  There will be bat talks, live bats, crafts, activities, and things to buy during this event for the whole family.  For more information, call the Nature Center or the ISU Bat Center at 812-237-2383 or visit  Free

October 12 10:30 am: Why Are They Leafing?

Why does leaves change color and fall from the trees in autumn?  Discover the answer and make a leaf and flower press to take home.  Registration prior to event requested.  $2.00 craft fee

November 2  10:00 am-12:00 pm: Birding with WVAS (see Feb. 2 entry for details)

November 9  10:30 am: Old Growth Forest Hike

Take a guided hike through the old growth forest in our state nature preserve.  Registration prior to event requested.  Free

December 7 10:00 am-12:00 pm: Birding with WVAS (see Feb. 2 entry for details)

December 17-January 11, 2020  10:00 am-4:00 pm: Craft Time Open House

Stop by the Nature Center and make a craft or two.  Several crafts will be available to choose from.  All materials supplied.  Cost varies.

December 21  10:00 am-12:00 pm: Birding with WVAS (see Feb. 2 for details)





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