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District Map

Information and a map of THPD districts

Terre Haute Police Department


Explanation of district coverage


       The City of Terre Haute is divided into four main districts, numbering 1-4, and four overlapping districts, numbered 12, 34, 46 and 56.  The main districts have a patrol car assigned to each of them.  That car's responsibility is to handle the calls for service originating in the district and to do routine patrol of the district, looking for crimes in progress, traffic violations and any other instance where they can assist citizens.  The overlapping districts can have one or more cars assigned to them and it is the responsibility of these officers to serve as backup cars for districts they overlap, and to conduct routine patrol in all of the districts they overlap.  These officers also pay close attention to what the main district cars are doing and then adjust their patrol coverage to fill in any gaps that may arise from a car being tied up on a serious crime for an extended period of time.  Therefore, no part of the city is left uncovered at any time and the police response time is also kept low.  All of the district cars, whether they are in a main or overlapping district, can be sent to any part of the city at anytime.  For instance, should the level of police presence need to be greater, due to an major event.  Also, multiple cars are assigned to the overlapping districts so that the number of patrol cars in each district  is kept at a high level.  Generally the same officers are assigned to the main districts on a daily basis.  This enables those officers to become more familiar with their patrol area and with the residents in their district.  These officers are encouraged to make friendly contact with citizens and to take foot patrols at local businesses in their districts throughout their shift.  This makes it easier for the common citizen to approach the officers with information about criminal activity, as the officer is a familiar face and frequently are on a first name basis with the citizen.                   

       In addition to these district cars the Terre Haute Police Department also has other divisions of Uniform Officers that patrol the entire city throughout the day.  These officers are assigned to the Traffic Division and the Street Crimes Unit.  The map shown below shows the district numbers and their respective borders shown in the same colors as the corresponding district.  The white portion of the map shows the area covered by the Terre Haute Police and the pink areas are covered by the Vigo Co. Sheriff and Indiana State Police.  Not shown on the bottom of this map is the area of the city, south of I-70 on Canal Rd to Davis Dr. and then back west to 7th St and again south to Regional Hospital and finally west to the river.  This area includes Rea Park, Terre Haute South HS and all of the commercial area surrounding Honey Creek Mall.  This area is part of 3 district and is overlapped by 34.  During the very busy holiday seasons when traffic is increased in the south end a separate district is assigned ( 7 district ) covering this area just mentioned and it only extends north to Voorhees St.  This allows for quick response to accidents near the mall and for increased patrol of parking lots for potential thefts from vehicles, shoplifting cases and other crimes of opportunity.




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