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Uniform Division

Police officers working in full uniform

Terre Haute Police Department


General Information

      The Uniform Division consists of 3 overlapping shifts of uniform police officers.  These shifts are broken down into 3 separate groups labeled A, B, and C.  There are 5-8 officers in each group and 22-26 officers on each shift.  Doing this enables us to provide even coverage throughout the day and night and there is never a time when the city is without police officers to patrol and respond to areas they are needed.  In addition to these officers there are 4 Sergeants and a Lieutenant assigned to each shift that supervise the uniform patrolmen and respond to calls with the officers. 

           Uniform officers respond to a very wide range of calls.  This could be something as simple as a motorist needing assistance or as serious as an active shooter.  The Terre Haute Police Department is one of the 10 largest police agencies in the state of Indiana and prides itself in being one of the best.  The officers working in the Traffic Unit along with other uniform officers worked additional hours each week and were the top producers in the state the past two years for Operation Pullover.  This translates to safer driving conditions for all residents as there are less drunk drivers on the road and the increased enforcement causes more people to slow down, wear their seatbelts and drive with care.  It also has allowed the police department the opportunity to win two Dodge Charger police cars.  The cars were won as part of an incentive program/raffle that is part of Operation Pullover.  A new car was won in 2007 and 2008 and these vehicles are completely paid for and outfitted with equipment by the state and through donations by Indiana retailers.  This has saved the local community several thousands of dollars in the costs of these vehicles and their equipment, which can be used for many other programs within the department to make you safer.

marked police cars parked at the thpd headquarters.


Contact Information
Asst. Chief Marc Eldred
Terre Haute Police Dept.
1211 Wabash Ave.
Terre Haute, IN 47807
812-238-1661 ext. 2123

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