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Sewage Billing Delinquent Account Collection Procedures

Through the long process of transferring sewage billing from Indiana American Water Company to TPi Billing Solutions the City has put on hold most delinquent account collections procedures. At this point it has become a necessity to reintroduce those procedures as many City of Terre Haute Sewage Billing customers do not pay their monthly sewer bills on time or, in some cases, at all.

Collections Procedures include the following:

10% late fee: as provided in Indiana Code §36-9-23-31, a 10% late fee is assessed against sewer fees that are not paid by the due date.

Disconnection of water service: pursuant to Terre Haute City Code Sec. 9-111 (d), if a sewer bill is not paid within 1 monthly billing cycle after it is due the account becomes eligible for disconnection of water service. If you receive a disconnect notice you will be responsible for paying the total previous balance in order to avoid water service disconnection. If you fail to pay the total previous balance within the time allotted and your water service becomes disconnected it is then necessary for your total account balance, including any fees incurred for the disconnection/reconnection of water service, in order to have your water service reconnected.

Lien certified against the service address property: as provided in Indiana Code §36-9-23-32, any sewer account that has an amount due that is 60 days or more delinquent is eligible to have a lien certified against the property at the service address. Once a lien is certified against the property it is filed with the Vigo County Recorder’s office and will not be released until it is paid in full.

If you have questions about your account or would like to make a payment please contact the Customer Care Center by calling 1-800-955-6598 Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm EST, or you may visit our website to view your other payment options:

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