The City of Terre Haute has two budgets submitted to the City Council.  

One is the "City of Terre Haute Budget" and other is the "Sanitary Budget". 


  • Appropriation 10, 2016 is the "City of Terre Haute Budget".
  • Appropriation 11, 2016 is the "Sanitary Budget"
  • Both budgets will have a Public Hearing held on 10-6-2016 at 5:00pm in the City Hall Courtroom.
  • Both budgets will be discussed by the Council, Mayor, and Controller at special meetings Monday, 10-18-2016 and Tuesday, 10-19-2016, both meetings at 5:00pm.


*Please note, notice for these meetings has not been sent.  Please check the website for the offical notices closer to the meeting dates.  The Council has the option to not hold these meetings.


  • Both budgets will have action taken on Thursday, 10-27-2016 at 5:00pm at a special meeting.  
  • Official notice for this meeting will be sent and posted to the website at least two business days prior to the meeting.


NOTE:  There will not be discussion or action at the October Sunshine Meeting (10-6-2016) or the October Regular Meeting (10-13-2016).