February Ordinances, Resolutions, and Agendas

Resolution 3, 2017

Urging the Indiana General Assembly and Governor Holcomb to adopt any and all legislation in favor of creating a casino/gaming destination in Terre Haute

Special Ordinance 45, 2016

Rezoning of property at 1310-1311-1315-1319-1320-1325-1329-1333-1400-1402-1404-1408-1412-1416-1420-1422-1432 North 4th Street, 1407-1421-1431 North 3rd Street, 400-406-408-412 4th Avenue, and 1425 North 4th Street *Tabled 1-12-2017 *Amended 2-9-2017

Special Ordinance 46, 2016

Vacating a portion of 4th Street located North of 4th Avenue and South of 7th Avenue and a portion of 6th Avenue located East of 4th Street and West of the North-South alley directly east of 4th Street *Tabled 1-12-17