2019 Native American Museum Saturday Programs

January 5 10:00 am: Aztec Sunshine

Fight the midwinter gloom with an Aztec-designed sun. $1.50 craft fee

February 2 10:00 am: Pictographs

Ancient people carved symbols on rocks. Learn what they mean and make one for yourself. $1.50 craft fee

March 2 10:00 am: The Web We Weave

Learn why weaving is popular among many tribes and make a fun craft. $1.50 craft fee

April 6 10:00 am: What, Me Worry?

Worry dolls will chase the blues away. $1.50 craft fee

May 4 10:00 am: Native American Symbols

Decorate your bandana with Native American symbols. $1.50 craft fee

June 1 10:00 am: The Desert Southwest

Learn how the people of the Southwest depend upon nature. Make a gecko craft. $1.50 craft fee

July 6 10:00 am: Butterflies

We'll tell some native stories about butterflies and make a beautiful souvenir. $1.50 craft fee

August 3 10:00 am: Our Feathered Friends

We'll make a bird craft as we discuss Native Americans' fascination with them. $1.50 craft fee

September 7 10:00 am: Look Who's Talking

Paint a talking stick like those of the people of the Great Plains. $1.50 craft fee

October 5 10:00 am: O Deer!

The deer and its relatives are very important to the native peoples. $1.50 craft fee

November 2 10:00 am: Native American Seasonal Stories

Find out how American Indians view the change of seasons and make a neat craft. $1.50 craft fee

December 7 10:00 am: Huron Christmas

The Huron Christmas carol is the oldest song translated from a native language. $1.50 craft fee