NC Outside.jpg Dobbs Park Nature Center opened in 1976, and has been  welcoming visitors of all ages ever since.  There is so much to see in and around the Nature Center!



Inside the Nature Center

We have a variety of native wildlife on display in the Nature Center, where you can get an up-close look at some of the animals that share our state! We also have educational displays on cool topics such as plants, wildlife, tracking, the environment, and the universe.

Wildlife Viewing Area

There are lots of fascinating visitors to see all year round in our Wildlife Viewing Area, just behind the Nature Center. We put seeds and corn out each morning for our animal friends, so you can relax on the benches and watch them through our one-way glass. We often have a variety of feeder birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and raccoons. Occasional visitors include deer, groundhogs, opossums, fox, owls, and hawks.


Junior Naturalist Program

Any park visitor from the age of seven years and up may participate in the Junior Naturalist Program. Activities include volunteering for park service (2 hours), completing a Nature Project, attending three (3) naturalist-led activities (Saturday programs), learning plant and animal identification (10 or more species), and an observation project. For more details, click here, or contact the Nature Center.


Honeysuckle Eradication
Honeysuckle eradication is an ongoing opportunity for groups of all ages to help out at Dobbs Memorial Park.  With your help, we will be able to free our park of invasives and keep it friendly for all of our native trees, wildflowers, and wildlife.  If your group would like to volunteer in this effort, please call us at 812-877-1095.  This is a great opportunity for your organization to make a big difference at Dobbs Park.

Stay Tuned for information on our next eradication day!


PROGRAMS:  The Nature Center offers exciting and educational monthly Saturday Programs, as well as weekday Group Topics.  Follow the link below for more information:

Program Information 


  Dobbs Park Rules:

1. Do not injure, damages, or harass any structure, tree, or wild animal in the park.

2. While in the park, pets must be kept on a lead at all times.  Please pick up after your pet.

3. Only foot traffic allowed on trails--no bicycles, motorbikes, horses, etc.

4. Fires should be built only in grills provided for that purpose.  No ground fires.

5. All trash should be placed in the proper recepticles.

6. All firearms, firecrackers, BB guns, paintball guns, bows and arrows and other weapons banned.

7. Vending and advertising is prohibited without the permission of the Parks Department.

8. No animal, plant, or other item may be removed from the park, including nuts and berries.  EXCEPTIONS: fish of legal size and quantity caught by someone with a valid fishing license.

9. Do not feed the animals, including geese and ducks.

10. Protect wildlife and avoid poison ivy by staying on designated trails.  Pets should also remain on trails.  


Please contact us with questions or for further information!


Hours: Open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

Saturday 10 am to 4 pm

Closed Sunday, Election Day, and all legal holidays