The Engineering Department is responsible for managing Capital Projects for the City of Terre Haute.  What is a Capital Project?  A Capital Project is a project that provides a public service, whether it is drainage, sewer, transportation, recreation, or economic development.  Capital Projects are approved and bid for construction through either the Board of Public Works, the Sanitary Board, or the Indiana Department of Transportation, depending on the funding type for the project.  The project manager for the project oversees the project through design and into construction and is responsible for coordinating the bidding process through the appropriate entity.  Through the design process, the project manager defines the scope of the project, awards the design to a consulting firm, who designs the project to the proper standards and specifications.  The project manager is also responsible for coordinating the inspection of the project while under construction with the Inspection Division of the Engineering Department.  If the project is going to be inspected by a consulting firm, the project manager is responsible for securing a contract with the firm that will provide inspection services.