The Information Technology department is passionate about our mission to provide a level of service that is truly a level above expectations. Comprised of the Chief Information Officer, a Citizen Engagement/Communication Specialist, a project manager, two software technicians, and two system administrators, this talented and hard-working group of individuals is responsible for all aspects of Terre Haute's information technology infrastructure. Created by former mayor Judy Anderson as the result of a reorganization of what was previously the Data Processing department, the Information Technology department centralizes technology skills and responsibility within the city creating a single organization to support city government.

The information technology staff supports nearly 700 users. The network is comprised of nearly 500 computers in over 20 locations throughout the city. These computers run the software systems that provide the core services of our city including payroll and accounting, GIS (geographic information system), e-mail, equipment and vehicle maintenance, inventory management, electronic door security, and this web site. The Information Technology department also provides support and consulting services in a variety of other technical areas, as well as on-call technical support services 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

The Information Technology department is very pleased to announce our new I.T. training classroom, located in City Hall. This new facility is being used aggressively to provide technical training to city employees to better empower them to be as effective and efficient as possible in the use of the city's computer resources.

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