The Tree Replacement Program was created in 2013 in response the large number of high risk and dead trees being removed throughout the City. Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is expected to kill the 1100 ash trees in the tree rows.  A healthy tree canopy is important to residents because trees provide a sense of community, increases  property values, reduce storm water runoff, remove pollutants that cause asthma, and reduce energy usage. The City will install a 2” caliper 6-8’ tree. The species is based on the site and the nursery availability. The resident must commit to watering for 3-5 years, weeding and caring for the tree. A water bucket and handbook will be provided for each tree. The Urban Forester is also available to answer questions.


Who is Eligible?

Residents of Terre Haute


What are the Requirements?

The trees must be planted in the tree row or the right of way. The Urban Forester will evaluate the site to ensure that it is a suitable site and there are no utility or traffic conflicts. The adjacent property owner must commit to water and care for the tree. 


How to apply

Call” 311”, the City ‘s Citizen Call Center and simply tell the operator that you would like a replacement tree. Be sure to provide contact information a phone number and email are preferable.



Can I request a specific type kind of tree?

Yes, If the species is available and site appropriate. Every effort will be made to accommodate. Common request are for flowering trees. Homeowner with allergies, let the urban forester know.

Can I request more than one tree?

Yes. If more trees are available and the site is appropriate.

If the city hasn’t removed a tree can I request a tree anyway?


When will I receive my tree?

Plantings are done as the trees become available usually April to May. The fall planting is late September to October or until all trees are planted.

If the tree dies can I get another one?

If it determined that the death is due to neglect no, otherwise yes. 

What if I have questions about how to care for the tree? 

Visit Trees.Terrehaute.In.Gov or call the Urban Forester at 812.244.4923.