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Current Sustainability Commission Members:

Ahan Bhattacharyya - Senior, Terre Haute South Vigo High School. Founding member and Spokesperson for EARTHlings. Contact at [email protected]

Dr. Shikha Bhattacharyya - Executive Director reTHink, Inc.

Dr. Brendan Corcoran — Associate Professor of English, Indiana State University. Contact: 812-237-5393, [email protected].

Diarmuid Corcoran — 7th Grade, Honey Creek Middle School. Founding member of EARTHlings. 

Curtis DeBaun IV - Terre Haute City Council. 812-223-1456

Todd Nation - Terre Haute City Council. 

Ally Midgley - Director of Art Spaces. [email protected]

Dr. James H. Speer – Professor of Geography and Geology, Indiana State University. Senior Scholar for the Office of Sustainability. Contact 812-237-2257. [email protected].

Leif Speer – 6th Grade Honey Creek Elementary School. Founding member of the EARTHlings.

Caleb Williams - Sustainability Coordinator. Terre Haute native, Rose Hulman alumnus, and Staff Engineer for Terre Haute  Department of Engineering. Contact at 812-244-4988 or [email protected].

Marie Theisz - Vigo County School Corporation. 

Valerie Craig - Assistant Director African American Cultural Center, Indiana State University.

David Kite - Vigo County Public Library.