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General Information
In a second class city, the City Clerk is elected by the voters of the city and serves a four year term. The Clerk assumes duties at noon on January 1 following election and continues until a successor is elected and qualified. The only eligibility requirement is residency with in the city corporate boundaries for a year prior to the election. The City Clerk may appoint deputies as needed and fixes their annual compensation with the approval of the legislative body. The majority of the City Clerk's time and the clerks staff is spent working with the city council, attending the City Council meetings, and maintains records of the acts of the Council. Equal in time and responsibility is spent the clerk of the City Court maintaining the court docket and records of court proceedings. In connection with City Court, the City Clerk also collects fines assessed for misdemeanors and infractions and city ordinance violations venue to City Court; the Clerk transmits the money to the proper agencies monthly. The State Board of Accounts audits the City Clerk's office separately because of this generation of funds.


The power and responsibilities of the City Clerk are as follows:
The clerk serves as the clerk of the City Council and maintains custody of records. The clerk maintains all records as required by law. The clerk maintains the City Seal and attests and affixes it to documents as required. As soon as a successor is elected and qualified, the clerk delivers to the successor all the records and property of the clerk's office. The clerk administers oaths when necessary in the discharge of the clerk's duties. The clerk takes dispositions. The clerk takes acknowledgement of instruments that are required by statute to be acknowledged. The clerk serves as Clerk of City Court. The clerk performs other duties as prescribed by law.

Contact Information-
Michelle Edwards, City Clerk
Room 102 City Hall
17 Harding Avenue
Terre Haute, IN 47807
[email protected]