Terre Haute City Council Regular Meeting 11-10-2022 at 6:00 p.m.

Special Ordinance 45, 2022

Rezoning of properties located at 2425-2431 1st Avenue, 2428-2442 Locust Street, part of 920 North 25th Street and a vacated East-Well Public Alley located south of properties located at 2425 1st Avenue (Lot 217) through 920 North 25th Street

Resolution 7, 2022

A confirming resolution designating an Economic Revitalization Area and approving a waiver of non-compliance for property located at 1800 South 3rd Street

Resolution 8, 2022

Designating an area commonly identified as 1800 3rd Street as an Economic Revitalization Area for the purpose of a ten (10) year Real Property Tax Abatement (KP Properties, LLC)