The City Council votes on two budgets each year.  One for Sanitary District and one for non-Sanitary District funds.  The general fund budget and all non-reverting budgets (including EDIT, PSLIT, etc) are listed in the non-Sanitary District budget.

The current year's proposed budgets, after filing, will be displayed in this folder.  For previous years budgets, please visit Indiana's Department of Local Government Finance's Gateway website.

The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance has a new section on their website.  This new section allows the public to view every city, town, county, township, and other governmental entities' budget information.


CLICK HERE to access the main page for DLGF's GATEWAY website


CLICK HERE to access DLGF's GATEWAY "Notice to Taxpayers of Budget Estimates and Tax Levies Report" website

     *This section only displays information for 2012, 2013 and 2014 budgets.


CLICK HERE to access the DLGF's GATEWAY "Budget Notices for Local Government" website

     *Select "84-Vigo" for County and click on date under "Budget Notice" column



There are many forms and reports to be found on this website.  Please feel free to view all of the reports available.  The proposed 2015 City of Terre Haute Budget will be available on this website soon.


PLEASE NOTE:  When you perform a search regarding City of Terre Haute use the following criteria:


TAX DISTRICT - Terre Haute Civil City

UNIT TYPE - City/Town

*There is a difference between Harrison Township and City Of Terre Haute