City Council

City Council




GEORGE AZAR - Councilman-At-Large

137 Country Club Road

Terre Haute, IN  47803

CLICK HERE to email Councilperson Azar



CURTIS DEBAUN IV- Councilman-At-Large

557 Monterey

Terre Haute, IN  47803


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TAMMY BOLAND - Councilman-At-Large

2220 South 19th Street

Terre Haute, IN  47802


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AMY AULER - District 1

1307 South 24th Street

Terre Haute, IN  47803

8 12-878-1505

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O. EARL ELLIOTT- District 2

57 West Lawrin Blvd

Terre Haute, IN  47803


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1926 Berne Avenue

Terre Haute, IN  47804


CLICK HERE to email Councilperson Loudermilk



TODD NATION - District 4

826 South Center Street

Terre Haute, IN  47807


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NEIL GARRISON - District 5

2401 North 9th Street

Terre Haute, IN  47804


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217 South 22nd Street

Terre Haute, IN  47803


CLICK HERE to email Councilperson Cros



Please note correspondence for any councilmember may also be mailed to:

          17 Harding Avenue

          Terre Haute, IN  47807

 Emails to the City Council or questions may also be directed to:

          [email protected]


2023 Council President Curtis DeBaun IV

2023 Council Vice-President Tammy Boland

Filing Instructions, Meeting Dates, & Committee Lists

City Council information including committees, meeting dates and various information

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Previous Years Ordinances & Agendas

Copies of Terre Haute City Council Ordinances from prior years

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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Budget Information

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Meeting Recording Information

Miscellaneous Information and Documents

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City Council Meeting Videos are on YouTube

City Council Meeting Videos are on YouTube



  You can now watch the video recordings of

the Terre Haute City Council on YouTube



  • The City of Terre Haute has its own YouTube channel


  • The videos are typically posted within five business days of the meetings


  • You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel



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General Ordinance 2, 2019

This is a copy of the introduced version of General Ordinance 2, 2019. It is an amendment to the Animal Control Ordinance. This version will be available until the Council take action on the ordinance.

City Council Comments and Questions Submission Form

City Council Comments and Questions Submission Form

Terre Haute City Council Comments and Questions Submission Form

You can now submit comments and questions to the City Council through the link below.  Once reviewed the information will be forwarded to the City Council.

Questions and comments may be submitted concerning items on the upcoming agenda or about other topics in the City of Terre Haute.

Please note, you will be limited to two (2) submissions per day.

All sales inquiries, comments or solicitations must be submitted by email to [email protected]

ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY NOON THE DAY OF A MEETING.  Otherwise the communication will be processed at the next City Council Meeting.

CLICK HERE to access the form

2022 Ordinances, Resolutions, and Agendas

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2023 Ordinances, Resolutions and Agendas

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Mayor Bennett's Presentation on the ARPA Funds