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Permit Information

If you are performing any construction activity inside the City limits, you will most likely need a permit.  Our office issues permits for general construction, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, demolition, sign, tree removal in right of way, and right of way permits.  These permits can be purchased in the Engineering Department.  Here is a list of things to know before purchasing a permit:

  • The cost of a building, electric, sign, demolition, plumbing, or mechanical permit is based on the value of construction.  It is $15.00 for the first $1,000.00 worth of work and $1.00 for each additional $1,000.00 or part thereof.  A building permit application must be submitted to our office for any of these permits.
  • The cost of a right of way permit is 25 cents per square foot of excavation with a minimum cost of $25.00.  In order to work in the City right of way, you must be registered with the City.  Please see the section on licensing for more information. A right of way permit application must be submitted to our office for this permit.
  • The cost of a permit for tree removal or alteration in the City right of way is $25.00.  In order to remove or alter any tree in the City right of way, you must be registered with the City.  You must also have approval from the City Forester.
  • For general construction work, no permit is needed if the value of construction is less than $500.00
  • No permit is required for a fence.
  • If you are the property owner and you live in the house that you will be working on, you can perform all work yourself.  Permits can be issued to the owner for the work that will be performed.
  • If you own the property but do not live in the property, you can only do non-structural work (roofing, siding, etc).  Any structural, plumbing, mechanical, or electrical work must be performed by a licensed contractor.  The licensed contractor performing the work must purchase the permit, a permit will not be issued to the property owner.
  • If you are a contractor, you are responsible for purchasing permits.  Permits can not be issued to the home owner.
  • Before a sign permit can be issued, drawings of the sign must be submitted to our office and approved by our Lead Inspector.  They can be mailed, faxed, or emailed.
  • Before a permit for new commercial construction including additions can be issued, plans must be submitted to our office.  Please refer to section on plan review.
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