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Diversity Times Article

Active local Human Relations Commission is a direct signal to employers and residents that the city is addressing the diversity and inclusion problems of a global world. A commission producing local diversity education and promoting equal rights becomes a key element in economic development by ensuring that the community and the work force are aware of the need to welcome and understand all people.

In the past, there have been many separate attempts in the community to define and develop an understanding of civil rights laws and diversity and inclusion issues. Countless initiatives have been dropped because they were not connected with support sources. It is an important role for the Commission to assist in linking these projects.

Terre Haute General Ordinance No. 4, 1999, creating a Human Relations Commission, charges the Commission with complex duties and responsibilities. These can be represented in three clusters.

-- Local complaint screening and intake, examination of discrimination complaints, formal complaint filing, and mediation services to resolve disputes at the local level.

-- Local education about civil rights law, equal rights, and diversity issues.

-- Local research, information, technical assistance, and private and governmental program development to promote equal rights and to increase harmony in the community.

As the new City of Terre Haute Web site becomes available, an opportunity arises for the public to learn more about the Terre Haute Human Relations Commission.

Click on the "DEPARTMENTS HOME PAGE" for an overview of the complaint processes and procedures. Clicking on the links in this web site provides access to information about other civil rights entities. If you have questions about civil rights or ideas for building diversity and inclusion in the community, click on "CONTACT US", and send us a message.

Go to the "COMMISSIONER PAGE " to view the names of the seven residents that are appointed by the Mayor, and the City Council. Commissioners serve on a volunteer basis to oversee the responsibilities stated in General Ordinance No. 4, 1999. The Commission holds a meeting the third Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Booker T. Washington Community Center, 1101 S. 13th St.  We invite you to attend and give your input and ideas on the work of the Commission.


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