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Employee Login Instructions

As you may have heard, the city of Terre Haute has a new web site. Now instead of a separate “Intranet” page for employees to receive information, employees may now log in to to access information that is not available to the general public. So, using your cty number (example: cty0005it) and the password you normally use to log into your computer, you can access employee-only information such as HR forms, IT training materials, and the employee directory just to name a few.

To log in, click on the Log In link from the main page:

When prompted, log in typing your cty####*** user name into the Login Name field and your usual password into the Password field.

If there is a problem logging in you will receive an error message like the one in the picture below. Most likely the error is because of a mistyped password. If you try several times and get the same error, or if you have never had a user name and password and would like to access the employees only section, contact the Information Technology department, or fill out a help desk ticket

When logged in properly, you will see the main page again, but this time with an Info box that reads “Welcome! You are now logged in.” Also, you will see your name and a new Log out link in the upper right side of the page below the top banner.  

In addition, there is a new tab on the right side of the page above your name labeled Employees Only.  Click on that tab to access important information more quickly.

You may use the Log out link to log out of your session when you are finished.

You can now access employee-only information!
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