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Request Technical Support

BEFORE requesting technical support:

  • Try restarting your computer. Often, problems can be fixed by simply quitting the program that is having the problem, or rebooting your computer. Be sure to save your work, first!
  • Write down any error messages or other helpful information. The exact text of any displayed error message is often crucial to providing a timely and accurate resolution to your problem.
  • Know your Windows logon ID. This is the string of characters displayed above your password when you logon to Windows. It starts with the letters "cty", continues with a four-digit number, and ends with a two- or three-letter abbreviation of your department.

When you are ready to request technical support:

You have the following three options for requesting help from a software technician. We recommend option #1 because it's the fastest and ensures you receive a prompt response.

  1. Open a helpdesk ticket using the Track-It! helpdesk system. It's easy to use, and you'll receive the fastest response.
  2. Send e-mail to Your e-mail will cause the creation of a Track-It! helpdesk ticket. Response time is a little slower as the system must first process your e-mail.
  3. Telephone the Information Technology administrative assistant at 244-2317. She will take down your information and open a Track-It! ticket for you.
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