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Description of hiring process, with future PDF application download

Terre Haute Police Department




The Terre Haute Police Department is NOT currently accepting applications.



      The Terre Haute Police Department accepts applications for employment on a bi-annual basis, in February of even numbered years. Generally, applications are available in the office of the Chief of Police, beginning February 1, and are required to be turned in by February 28. This is the only time applications will be released and accepted.

      Applicants will be expected to submit the written application, take part in several verbal interviews, and will be subject to background investigations and a physical assessment, including physical exams as well as physical skills tests.

      Once applicants have passed all aspects of the hiring process, each applicant will be ranked accordingly, and will remain on a hiring list for a period of 2 years. Once vacancies on the department occur, applicants will be hired from the hiring list in order of ranking on that list.

      Upon being hired, new officers will be required to attend the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in Plainfield, Indiana, for the 16 week Basic Academy. Before and after the academy, new officers will take part in on the job, in the field training with a Field Training Officer for up to 10 months, before final evaluations are conducted.

*Prior Law Enforcement officers and those with Military service are encouraged to apply.

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