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City of Terre Haute Departments

City of Terre Haute Departments 17 Harding Avenue Terre Haute, IN 47807





311 Citizen Contact Center 812-244-2311
Board of Public Works 812-244-2333 Robin Drummy
Building Inspection 812-244-4903 Chuck Ennis
Building Maintenance 812-244-2349 Lennie Snyder
Cemetery 812-877-2531 Eddie Bird
City Attorney (Legal) 812-244-2373 Eddie Felling
City Clerk 812-244-2103 Chuck Hanley
City Controller 812-244-2363 Leslie Ellis
City Council 812-244-2103 Michelle Edwards
City Judge 812-244-2153 Sarah Mullican
City Engineer 812-244-4903 Chuck Ennis
Fire Department/EMS 812-244-2803 Jeff Fisher
Human Relations 812-232-0110
Information Technology 812-244-2317 Brad Speidel
Mayor's Office 812-244-2303 Mayor Duke Bennett
Parks & Recreation 812-232-2727 Eddie Bird
Police Department 812-244-2501 John Plasse
Public Affairs 812-244-2320
Redevelopment 812-244-2393    
Sewage Billing 812-244-2343 Jesse Tohill
Street Department 812-244-2311 Brad Miller
Transit 812-235-0109 Brad Miller
Wastewater Utility 812-244-5500 Mark Thompson


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