9-18.1-1-5/IFC: Proof of Registration
9-18.1-11-2(b)(2)/IFC: Operating with Expired Plates
9-18.1-11-5(a)/IFC: Failure to Register
9-18.1-14-1(d)(2)/IFC: Failure to Register an Off-Road Vehicle
9-18.1-14-5(b)/IFC: Failure to produce ORV Registration
9-18.1-14-5(c)/IFC: Failure to Carry Registration Off-road vehicles and Snowmobiles
9-18.1-14-5(d)/IFC: Failure to Display Registration Decal Off-road vehicles and Snowmobiles.
9-18.1-14-6(a)/IFC: Failure to Renew Registration Off-road or Snowmobile
9-18.1-14.5-1(a)(1)/IFC: Failure to Register Watercraft
9-18.1-14.5-1(a)(2)/IFC: Failure to Display Proof of Watercraft Registration
9-18.1-14.5-10/IFC: Failing to Properly Register a Watercraft
9-18.1-14.5-5(d)/IFC: Failure to Carry Certificate of Watercraft Registration
9-18.1-14.5-5(d)/IFC: Improper Display of Watercraft Registration-Compare to fail to display any reg
9-18.1-14.5-9(b)/IFC: Operating a Watercraft with Expired Registration
9-18.1-2-11/IFC: Failure to Register; violation
9-18.1-2-3/IFC: Registration and Display of  Registration
9-18.1-2-6/IFC: Failure to Register Vehicle Within 60 Days of Becoming an Indiana Resident
9-18.1-2-8(2)/IFC: Operating with a Transferred Plate - No Proof of Ownership
9-18.1-2-8/IFC: Failure to Register - Operating with a Transferred Plate for More Than 45 Days
9-18.1-2-9/IFC: Failure to Register Apportionable
9-18.1-4-2(b)/IFC: Failure to Provide Vehicle Registration Certificate
9-18.1-4-4(a)/IFC:Improper Display of License Plate - Not Placed in Proper Spot
9-18.1-4-4(b)/IFC: Improper Display of License Plate - Not Hung Properly or is Obscured
9-18.1-4-4(c)/IFC: Improper Display of License Plate - Interim Plate from Dealer
9-18.1-4-4(d)/IFC: Improper Display of License Plate-Renewal sticker not affixed to license plate
9-18.1-4-5(a)(1)/IFC: Operating a Motor Vehicle with a False Plate-Plate Belongs to Another Vehicle
9-18.1-4-5(a)(2)/IFC: Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Fictitious Plate
9-18.1-4-5(a)(3)/IFC: Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Sign-license applied for" or "in transit"
9-18.1-6-2/IFC: Operating an Unregistered Recovery Vehicle
9-19-12-1/IFC: Rearview Mirror Violation
9-19-17-1/IFC: Television Screen Visible to Driver
9-19-18-1/IFC: Improper Tires-solid rubber tire with less that 1 inch of rubber above the flange
9-19-19-2/IFC: No Front Windshield
9-19-19-3/IFC: Decals, Signs, Posters, Sunscreens, or Other Non-Transparent Material on Window
9-19-19-4(c)/IFC: Window Tint Violation by Driver-vehicle windows tinted too dark (less than 30% tra
9-19-19-4(d)/IFC: Window Tint Violation by Driver-Window tint treatment applied to other than upperm
9-19-19-6/IFC: No Windshield Wipers
9-19-4-1/IFC: Bumper Height Violation (passenger car)
9-19-4-2/IFC: Bumper Height Violation (trucks less than 11,000 lbs)
9-19-4-3/IFC:  Improper Bumper Height - Frame/Body 60 in Beyond Rear Axle and 42 in above Rdwy
9-19-6-17(a)/IFC: Improper or No Stop Lamp
9-19-6-17(b)/IFC: Improper or No Turn Signals
9-19-6-17(c): Stop Lamp/Signal Lamp Projecting Glaring Light/IFC
9-19-6-17/IFC: Improper Rear Lighting
9-19-6-18(b)/IFC: Improper Running-Board Courtesy Lamp
9-19-6-18(c)/IFC: Improper or No Back-up Lights
9-19-6-18/IFC: Fender Lamps; Running-board Courtesy Lamps; Back-Up Lamps
9-19-6-19/IFC: Improper Warning Lights
9-19-6-20/IFC:  Multiple-Beam Road Lighting Equipment
9-19-6-22/IFC:  Improper Motorcycle Head Lamp
9-19-6-3/IFC: Improper Headlights
9-19-6-4/IFC: Improper or No Tail or Plate Light
9-19-6-5/IFC: Improper or No Reflectors
9-19-6-6(a)(2)/IFC: Driving a Motor Vehicle not Equipped with Two Stoplights-Def. drives a vehicle m
9-19-6-6(b)(2)/IFC: Operating a Motor Vehicle not Equipped with a Stoplight-Def. drives a motorcycle
9-19-6-6(d)(3)/IFC:Operating a Motor Vehicle, Trailer or Semitrailer not Equipped with Turn Signals
9-19-6-7/IFC: No Required Lights or Reflectors - Buses, Trucks, Truck-Tractors, Trailers and Semis
9-19-6-8/IFC: Improper Color of Clearance Lamps, Marker Lamps or Reflectors
9-19-8-2/IFC: Leaky or Altered Muffler
9-19-8-3/IFC: Motor Veh w/ Muffler Not in Good Working Order; Muffler Causes Excessive Noise
9-19-8-4/IFC: Muffler Cutout or Bypass
9-24-1-1(a)/IFC: No Valid Driver's License
9-24-1-1(b)/IFC: No Valid Driver's License - Class B Motor Driven Cycle
9-24-1-1/IFC: No Valid Driver's License
9-24-11-4(a)/IFC: Duplicate Credential-Cannot hold or possess more than one credential
9-24-12-.5/IFC: Expired Learner Permit
9-24-13-3(a)/IFC: Failing to Display License or Permit
9-24-13-3(a)/IFC: No Operator's License in Possession
9-24-13-4/IFC: Address or Name Change Violation
9-24-16-14(a)/IFC: Possession of Two or More ID Cards. Possession of both an identification card and
9-24-3-4.5(c)/IFC: Operating a Motorcycle without a Proper Permit or Endorsement
9-24-8.5-8/IFC: Operating a Motorcycle Without Proper Endorsement
9-25-8-2/IFA: Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Financial Responsibility
14-22-11-8(b)/IFC: Fishing Without a License

This is not a complete list.  If you have questions, please contact the City Clerk's Office Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm at 812-244-2103.

NOTE:  If you do not have a copy of your ticket(s) or remember your charge(s), visit MyCase.IN.Gov to review your charges.  IT TAKES FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS FOR THE CITY CLERK'S OFFICE TO RECEIVE YOUR CHARGES.