May Ordinances, Resolutions, and Agendas

General Ordinance 3, 2016

Amending City Code, Chapter 8, Section 8-44, City Truck Routes, Deleting Lockport Road from 14th Street to 13th Street, and 14th Street from Lockport Road to Margaret Avenue and Changing Hulman Street from 3rd Street to 13th Street to Prairieton Road to 13th Street, Margaret Avenue from Prairieton Road to 3rd Street to Prairieton Road to Canal Road, and inserting Prairieton Road from Southernmost boundary of City Limits to Hulman Street

Resolution 3, 2016

Designating an Area commonly identified as 220-224 North Third Street and 301 North 2nd Street, Terre Haute Indiana, as an Economic Revitalization Area for purpose of a Nine Year Real Property Tax Abatement (Annex 41 LLC) <For Adoption> *Defeated 5/12/2016