May 9, 2019 Ordinances, Resolutions, and Agendas

Terre Haute City Council Regular Meeting May 9, 2019

Special Ordinance 7, 2019

Vacating portion of North-South Public Alley located North of 8th Avenue, South of Plum Street, West of 40th Street and East of Fruitridge Avenue *Tabled April 4, 2019 *Withdrawn May 9, 2019

Resolution 4, 2019

Authorizing a Temporary Loan from the Terre Haute Sanitary District Operating Fund to the Terre Haute Sanitary District Bond Fund

General Ordinance 5, 2019

Amending City Code, Chapter 2, Article 6, Sections 2-68 through 2-68, Establishing the Terre Haute Arts Commission and Certification of the 41|40 Terre Haute Arts and Cultural District