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View Title VI Implementation Plan by clicking on the  General Ordinances link to the left

LGBTQ Police Liaison - Chief Shawn Keen will serve as an accessible and friendly ear to the city's LGBTQ community and will elevate LGBTQ related concerns to other police officers and city officials.  Please call: (812)244-2501 or email: Shawn.Keen@terrehaute.in.gov with questions or concerns.

Valuing Diversity and Promoting Harmony Among All People

To lead Terre Haute in building an inclusive community by:
- Enforcing the Human Rights ordinance.
- Empowering the community to eliminate barriers to equality.
- Educating the public about rights and responsibilities regarding discrimination

The Human Relations Commission is staffed by an Executive Director and maintains an office in City Hall on the first floor.

If you are experiencing discrimination, you may want to gain more information about your rights. Commission staff is available to answer your questions and arrange a complaint intake.  Inquiries are confidential.

If you are an employer, landlord, realtor, educator, or anyone trying to eliminate discrimination issues and promote diversity in the community, the Commission staff can answer your questions and offer consulting or training.

A complaint of discrimination is not a lawsuit, but it will be given serious attention by the Human Relations Commission. The Commission does not represent either side and will handle the complaint in a fair and impartial manner.

A complaint may be filed at the Commission Office by residents of Terre Haute claiming to be wronged by a discriminatory act or practice that is in violation of the city Ordinance.

Persons may also file complaints who do not live in Terre Haute but who allege an act of discrimination occurring within the city.

After filing, a notice of the complaint is sent to the respondent and the parties are offered confidential mediation services that attempt local settlement.

If mediation is rejected or if no settlement is reached, the complainant is given options for pursuing the matter with other governmental entities or through litigation.

To file a complaint with the Human Relations Commission within 90 days of the occurrence of the alleged discrimination.

To have your attorney present at any stage of the process.

To know the status of the complaint.

To file and pursue an allegation with out being harassed, intimidated, or retaliated against.

To have a clear written statement of the allegation.

To be represented by your attorney at any stage of the process.

To know the status of the complaint

To have a written notice of any process or final action.