Sewage Billing Tip **UPDATED**: Property Owners & Managers! Need to know the status of a sewage bill at your property?

June 23, 2019

The City of Terre Haute Sewage Department has implemented new tools for Property Owners & Managers to keep up to date on Sewage Bills at their respective properties.

The Sewage & Trash Account Balance Public Records Search portal is a newly developed self service to find current balances on sewage bills at your property. Follow the link in the picture below to start managing your property with this new service...Portal Button 

For property owners, managers and title search representatives needing more detailed information, a Public Records Request may be made to Legal@TerreHaute.In.Gov. Requests made using this method will take a reasonable time to research, complete and return to the requester. Also, if you are a property owner, the Sewage Billing office located at City Hall can provide you with an account ledger for your properties. Proper identification is required at the time of the request, which must be made at the local office.