NEW Leaf Pickup Area

January 6, 2020

We are starting in the south end this week, beginning at Davis Av. between Prairieton Rd and Fruitridge and heading north.

1/7 We will be picking up leaves in Edgewood Grove today!

South Side Leaf Pickup

Please have your leaves raked into a pile in the tree row and NOT in the street. Keeping the large piles in the tree row helps keep the storm sewers from becoming easily plugged which then leads to street flooding.

 If instead, you wish to bag your leaves, you may put them in or next to your blue trash toter and Republic Services will pick up to 10 bags per week.

 Note: We work hard to stay on the advertised schedule but heavy rain, snow or freezing temperatures can make it difficult to vacuum the leaves so we sometimes run a few days behind.    

 The next pickup area will be announced next week through the media and on the City of Terre Haute Facebook page. You can also find an up-to-date schedule on our website at