The City of Terre Haute has a contract with Republic Services of Western Indiana for residential waste removal from locations within the corporate limits of Terre Haute.  This includes normal household waste, yard waste and large items.  Construction materials, hazardous waste and animal excretions and carcasses are not included.


Residential property is defined as private, single family dwelling units, trailers, or apartment complexes containing no more than four dwelling units.  It does not include business or professional establishments, schools, motels/hotels or structures containing more than four dwelling units.


Please adhere to the following:


1)     For any large items, outside of your normal weekly waste, you should place items at your normal pickup location with your blue toter and contact The 311 Citizen Contact Center.  Large items should be broken down to a manageable size for one or two people to dispose of while being serviced by a rear-load garbage truck.  Large items are not typically removed by the scheduled service trucks and may take up to a week to be removed.


2)     Hazardous waste including, but not limited to, oil based paint, refrigeration units, chemicals, tires and batteries must be kept separate from your normal waste and disposed of properly.  You may contact Republic Services or the Clay-Owen-Vigo Solid Waste District at (812) 443-0168 for additional information.  For small, household quantities of water based paint you may solidify the liquid and then place those items with your normal household waste.


3)     Building materials are not included in this service.  If, for example, you must remove studding and drywall during a remodeling project, you will have to contact a waste service company on your own and at your own expense.  This is not included in the City’s contract with Republic Service.


4)     Yard waste may be taken care of in the following manner:  Tree limbs and brush (from pruning and storm damage only) must be tied with string or twine into bundles no larger than six feet long and two feet wide.  These bundles shall be set at your normal pickup location with your blue toter.  You may also dispose of leaves, grass clippings, weeds and garden plants by placing them in your blue toter or bagging them and placing the bags at your normal pickup location with your blue toter.  NOTE:  Tree limbs, trees, tree stumps or shrubs must be disposed of by the individual or business removing such items.  Republic Services will not take these items.


Normal, scheduled pickup will not be provided on the following holidays:


  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Christmas
  3. New Year’s Day
  4. Memorial Day
  5. July 4th
  6. Labor Day


Typically, service to the affected residence will be the following day even though Republic Services can reschedule pick-up to any day within the same week.  Notification will be through local newspapers or other media.


Normal collection times are Monday through Friday, 6:00am to 9:00pm