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Sewage Rates & Billing Information

Find information regarding your sewage rates, sewer bill and payment options.

Click here for information regarding the recent sewage billing rate increase and how it affects you. Click here for information about the sewage billing process, including contact information for questions about your sewer bill.
If the sewage account IS NOT IN YOUR NAME but you have a legal interest in the property, click here to complete and submit the Sewage Billing Account Public Records Request form.

If you need help with your online sewage billing account please contact the Customer Care Center by calling 1-800-955-6598 or email them at



Links to more information about your sewer bill

*By default, in order to view your City of Terre Haute Statements Online, you agree to paperless billing, which means that you will no longer receive your statement in the mail. By registration  for e-Bill Paperless Billing you are choosing the most environmentally sustainable billing solution and are indicating your desire to LIVE GREENER and help preserve our trees. However, you are able to print the Online Statement to your personal printer.*

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