Explanation of your Sewer Bill

Your sewer bill is 4 pages long, with the 2nd and 4th page containing important information about your bill. Please review this information. 
This document will focus on the 1st and 3rd page of your bill. Below is a quick overview on how to make sense of the readings, charges and fees. 
The account holder name, mailing address and service address are all provided by your water provider. If there are any changes to your name, mailing address or service address you will need to contact your water provider.
Account Number-Use your account number with your bank’s on line bill pay service and other automated bill pay services. Reference this number on any correspondence with City of Terre Haute about your sewer bill.

Acct #


Bill Date-This date is when your bill was printed.

Bill Date


Due Date-This is when your payment is due. Failure to make a payment in full by the due date will incur a one-time 10% late fee.
Due Date
Total Amount Due-This is the total of all charges that should be paid by the due date to avoid any late fee.
Total Amt Due
Account Holder Name & Billing Address-This is the name and address on file with the water provider. Your bill will be sent to the address listed.
Name & Address
Service Address-This is the address that is on file with the water provider to receive services.
Service Add
Billing from & Billing to Date-This is the period of time billed that services were provided. The water provider is responsible for reading your water meter.
Billing Dates
Current Solid Waste Charges-City of Terre Haute residential customers will see the solid waste fee charge on the sewer bill.
 Solid Waste
Meter Information- The usage information is obtained from the water company.  The sewer charge is based on the total water usage during the billing period (see billing from & billing to date). You will see total number of units in this section.
Billing for Metered Customers-If you use 3 units are less you will only be charged the minimum rate of $28.21. Any usage greater than 3 units you would pay minimum rate plus $9.01 for every unit used over 3.



Your bill will look like the following if you used:      2 units

2 units


Your bill will look like the following if you used:     4 units

4 units


Your bill will look like the following if you used:       7 units

7 units


Your bill will look like the following if you used:   14 units

14 units


Billing for Non-Metered Customers (WELL users)-Your bill will be only charged a flat fee of $46.17 per month.