All Infraction Deferral Program Agreements are subject to approval by the Vigo County Prosecutor's Office

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The State of Indiana by its Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and the Defendant agree, pursuant to I.C. 34-28-5-1(g), as follows:

1.    The State agrees to withhold prosecution of the Infraction herein as long as the Defendant complies with the terms of this Agreement as follows:

a. That the defendant meets the following eligibility requirements:

i. Has not been convicted of any major moving traffic violation as listed below within the last three (3) years:

1.  Operating Vehicle While Intoxicated

2.  Reckless Driving

3.  Leaving the Scene of an Accident

4.  Vehicular Manslaughter

ii.  Does not currently have a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Endorsement

iii. Has not participated in the Vigo County Prosecutor's Infraction Deferral Agreement Program within the last twelve (12) months

iv. Defendant currently holds a valid operator's license that is not suspended, revoked, expired, or invalid. Defendant is not currently nor has been in the past a habitual traffic violator.

v. Was not charged with any of the following ineligible offenses:

1.  Driving While Suspended – Infraction (I.C. 9-24-19-1)

2.  Operating Without Proof of Financial Responsibility (I.C. 9-25-4-1)

3.  Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (I.C. 9-25-8-2)

4.  Any charge resulting from/relating to an accident which caused personal injury or property damage

5.  Unreasonable Speed (I.C. 9-21-5-1)

6.  Speeding in a Worksite/Workzone (I.C. 9-21-5-11)

7.  Failure to Yield to Stationary or Moving Emergency Vehicle (I.C. 9-21-8-35)

8.  Failure to Yield to Recovery Vehicle (I.C. 9-21-8-35)

9.  Failure to Yield to Pedestrian (I.C. 9-21-8, et al)

10. Speeding greater than 25 miles per hour over the posted speed limit (I.C. 9-21-5, et al)

11. Any light/lamp violation (I.C. 9-21-7, et al)

12. Stopping or Parking in Fire Lane (I.C. 9-21-16-5.5)

13. Any Unlawful Stopping, Standing or Parking of Vehicle Violation (I.C. 9-21-16, et al)

14. Funeral Procession Violation (I.C. 9-21-13, et al)

15. Disregarding Police Officer, Following Fire Apparatus Responding to Alarm, Failure to Stop at Railroad Crossings (I.C. 9-21-12, et al, I.C. 9-21-8. et al)

16. Any registration/license plate violation (I.C. 9-18-2, et al)

17. Any violation involving the operation of a Commercial Motor Vehicle, School or Church Bus

18. Any violation involving the operation of a Motorized Bicycle or Moped

19. Any violation not involving the operation of a vehicle

20. Any equipment violation (I.C. 9-19, et al)

21. Any learner's permit, probationary, or operator's license violation (I.C. 9-24-19, et al)

22. Any violation involving a work site or work zone

23. Illegal passing of school bus (I.C. 9-21-12-1)

24.  Speeding in a school zone (I.C. 9-21-5-6, et al)


vi. If defendant is charged with a misdemeanor offense (i.e. alcohol violation, leaving the scene of an accident, operator never licensed, etc.) or an infraction offense (i.e. driving while suspended, any insurance violation, any alcohol violation, any child restraint violation, etc.) that requires the defendant to appear in court, defendant is not deemed eligible and must appear before the Terre Haute City Court Judge.

b. That the defendant agrees to the terms of this program as listed below:

i.  Defendant meets all terms of the agreement as listed herein

ii. Defendant pays program fees totaling $192.50 upon the execution of this agreement.

Fees are to be paid by MONEY ORDER and made payable to the Terre Haute City Clerk's Office.

Mail payments to: 17 Harding Avenue, Room 102 City Hall, Terre Haute, Indiana 47807.

The fees include the following:

1.  $52.00 Initial User Fee (which includes a $2.00 Jury Fee)

2.  $60.00 Maintenance Fee

3.  $0.50 Highway Work Zone Fee

4.  $5.00 Auto-Record Keeping Deferral Fee

5.  $5.00 Document Perpetuation Fee

6.  $38.50 State Court Costs

7.  $14.00 County Court Costs

8.  $17.50 City Court Costs

iii. Defendant agrees not to commit and be charged with any criminal offense or moving traffic violation for a period of six (6) months from the date of the executed Deferral Agreement

iv. Notify the Infraction Deferral Administrator of all changes of address during the six (6) month period

c. Upon successful completion of this agreement, the Vigo County Prosecutor will dismiss this above captioned ticket.

d. The defendant agrees to the following:

i. I, the Defendant, affirm under penalty of perjury as specified in I.C. 35-44-2-1 that I do not hold a Commercial Driver's License and that I meet all the requirements for eligibility for the Infraction Deferral Program. I further understand and agree that if the terms of this agreement are violated, the fees paid to the program are non-refundable and that I will be subject to prosecution of the original violation.




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