Management Plan

 The 2021 Urban Forest Management Plan will serve as an update and enhancement to the previous Management Plan from 2010. It focuses on the benefits provided by the Urban Forest, analyses and maps of the current urban forest, and a plan moving forward for some critical areas of Terre Haute's Urban Forestry program. Click here to access the Management Plan.


Tree Replacement

Citizens may request the city to plant a tree in a tree row. To make this request, contact the 311 Citizen Contact Center. Any planting of a tree in the tree row by a property owner must first contact 311 Citizen Contact Center to request a permit from the urban forester.


Tree Removal

Removal of any tree in the tree row requires a permit at the approval of the urban forester. Generally, permits for removal are only issued if the tree is unhealthy or a threat to public safety. To have your tree evaluated for removal, contact the 311 Citizen Contact Center. 


Approved, Prohibited, and Invasive Species Plant List

Terre Haute implements Right Tree-Right Place practices. Therefore, some trees may not be planted in the tree row. Below provides the list of approved and prohibited trees as well as information about invasive specials that threatens the health of the urban forest.

Approved Trees   Prohibited Trees   Invasive Species



City Code-Tree Regulations


Technical Specifications