Position Summary:

The Director of the Terre Haute Human Relations Commission is responsible for the management of all aspects of the office operations of the Terre Haute Relations Commission.  The Director will lead processes which ensure the proactive provision of education on human rights issues to community groups, sensitive and accurate information to citizens inquiring about their rights, and staff support to the Human Relations Commission.  The Director will receive general guidance from the Commission and will have a considerable amount of contact with the public, city officials and representatives from industry.

Position Responsibilities (include but are not limited to the following):

  • Manages the daily operations and activities of the Human Rights Commission office
  • Leads the process of thorough and timely review of complaints to the Commission as directed by the Commission
  • Receives, screens and originates the processing of complaints of discriminatory acts or practices on behalf of the Commission.
  • Assists in the development, coordination and implementation of educational programs designed to improve human relations and to help achieve equal opportunity for all citizens of Terre Haute.
  • Gathers, interprets and disseminates information about laws, regulations and issues concerning human rights and equal opportunity to Commissioners, local agencies, and others deemed appropriate by the Commission.
  • Recommends revisions of the ordinance and the rules and regulations when necessary to maintain the consistency of the Commission’s enforcement effort with relevant state and federal discrimination laws
  • Recommends revisions of the ordinance and the rules and regulations when procedural changes can be made to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our enforcement process.
  • Monitors the development and implementation of affirmative action policies and programs for the City of Terre Haute
  • Assists in the development, planning and implementation of seminars and other programs that provide relevant human rights information to the City of Terre Haute
  • Provides counseling to citizens and groups experiencing problems involving human rights and equal opportunity
  • Interacts with other human rights and community organizations, at all levels, regarding areas of mutual concern
  • Directs the development and implementation of training programs for Commissioners and volunteers.
  • Maintains the administrative and correspondence records of the Commission in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Acts as a current and accurate resource of information in the area of Human Rights and assures that the office references serve this same function.
  • Pursues and maintains opportunities for Federal Certification of the Terre Haute Human Relations Commission.
  • Applies for and administers the funds that accompany the federal certification.
  • Keeps the Mayor, City Council, and the City Government Department Heads abreast of local and national developments in the field of Human Rights
  • Pursues opportunities for private/public partnerships and private funding for the Commission’s work where appropriate.
  • Identifies and maintains confidential information within the department and assures that the staff members maintain confidentiality
  • Generates a summary of activities in the form of a Director’s Report for publication in the Commission’s Annual Report.
  • Summarizes monthly activities in the form of a Director’s Report verbally to the Commission at the Commission’s regular monthly meetings.
  • Generates a written Director’s Report on a monthly basis to the Chairperson
  • Notifies the Chairperson and the Commission Attorney of each filed complaint of discrimination, prior to the assignment of investigators
  • Informs the Chairperson and the Commission of current issues affecting or dealing with human rights.
  • Prepares an annual budget proposal and submits it to the Commission’s Treasurer for discussion.
  • Presents the departmental annual budget to the City Council for approval.
  • Monitors all budget expenditures.
  • Supervises the Human Relations Commission staff.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:

  • Strong ability to prioritize assignments
  • Relevant skills in planning, administration and task implementation with a demonstrated sensitivity to human and social concerns
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Proven ability to solve problems
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent administrative skills
  • Detailed oriented
  • Thorough knowledge of equal housing, equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, litigation, regulations and procedures, local ordinance, and human rights legislation
  • Strong ability to lead and influence others.
  • Strong ability to function with general, indirect supervision and exercise personal initiative
  • Proven ability to relate diplomatically and courteously to a broad range of individuals, including individuals who are experiencing stress and anger.
  • Proven public relations and public speaking ability
  • Demonstrated experience in dealing with human issues in a creative and flexible manner
  • Proven ability to handle complex, often conflicting, issues involved with litigation and development of cases.
  • Marked ability to deal with sensitive issues in a confidential and effective manner
  • Valid driver’s license

Minimum Qualifications:

Education/Training: A four-year college degree in sociology, political science, law, public administration or other human service fields is required.  A graduate degree in one of these fields is preferred.

Experience: Minimum 3 years experience in the planning, administration and task implementation of human relations, social services or human resource functions.  Previous management experience is required. 

Working Conditions: Office setting and varied community settings.  Travel required in the community and some travel within the state.

How to Apply: Here is the online application