Terre Haute Police Department



General Information

      In 2004 the Terre Haute Police Department disbanded the Humane Officers Unit of the police department, which had consisted of two uniform officers that would handle animal control situations.  Those officers were put back into the Uniform Division and civilians were hired to staff the new Environmental Protection Division.  The EPD consists of 5 Code Enforcement Officers and a unit secretary.  The unit works Monday through Friday 8am-4pm and all of the officers take turns being on call evenings and weekends should their services be needed after hours.  One of the officer's work full time on Animal Control situations and the other 4 are responsible for enforcement of various other Terre Haute City Ordinances as listed below.  The EPD also reaches out to the community by attending various neighborhood organization meetings to educate them on city ordinances and help them with clean up days.  EPD officers work each month with the Spay and Neuter League on their "Pets Alive Program".  The EPD also works closely with the Vigo, Owen, and Clay waste district to keep operations running smoothly.  The general responsibilities of the EPD are as follows:


  • Enforcement of ordinance violations in regards to trash, tall grass, weeds and brush.  Abandoned vehicles, improper parking on city streets and alleys, and all animal control ordinances.
  • Notifying Republic Trash service of the locations of large items such as mattresses, chairs, couches, etc., that need picked up and disposed of properly.
  • Removal of tires from vacant lots and alleys around the city.
  • Submitting a list of addresses each week to a mowing crew that works for the city.  This list would include vacant lots, condemned houses, and any property that the owner refuses to mow the grass.  In addition they are responsible to monitor the work of the mowing crew to make sure the work is done and acceptable.
  • Supervise Community Corrections personnel that are conducting community service twice a week and monitor the clean up of various locations with large amounts of dumping.
  • Pick up and transport of stray, injured, and mistreated animals to the Terre Haute Humane Shelter.
  • Drop off animal traps (when available) to households that have problems with Raccoons, Possums, etc.
  • Assist the Vigo County Board of Health at times with the removal of dead animals from streets and alleys, for transport to the Humane Shelter, where they are properly disposed.
  • Presenting photographic evidence and personal testimony in the Terre Haute City Court concerning the City Ordinance citations they issue.



Contact Information
Dial 311 from your telephone or 812-244-2311 to submit a service request.

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