Terre Haute Police Department



General Information

       The Records Division is responsible for maintaining all of the reports taken by the Terre Haute Police Department.  The Records Division has 4 civilian employees and has a police Lieutenant that supervises the division.  

      Records is also responsible for logging and maintaining all property and evidence that is seized by officers, and they maintain the chain of custody of evidence for the department. Records handles the release of property and copies of reports to individuals, insurance companies and attorneys.  The Records Division also compiles statistics and submits them to the FBI for use in NIBRS (National Incident Based Reporting System), which monitors ALL crimes.

Records Division accepts cash, money orders, and credit/debit cards.  No checks are accepted. 

No reports are faxed; call records for information on how to receive reports via US Mail.

  • Accident reports - $12

    *Accident reports may be purchased online at bycrash website

  • Incident reports - $.10 per page.  Photos are an additional $5 for the disk.   
  • Criminal History check - $7 (no criminal record) - $7 (with record)
    *No Charge if for adoptions or Visa
  • Title Checks - $5 each vehicle
  • Finger Printing - $10 (for Adoptions, Daycare, Jobs, etc.)
  • Gun Permits - Only residents inside city limits *prices below

    LICENSE TYPE                           LOCAL FEE                         STATE FEE
    4 YR Hunting/Target                   $10/$5 Refundable *                 $5

    4 YR Personal Protection            $10/$5 Refundable *                 $30

    Lifetime Hunting/Target             $50/$30 Refundable *               $25
    (w/ no current license)

    Lifetime Hunting/Target             $40/$30 Refundable *               $20
    (w/ current valid license)

    Lifetime Personal Protection      $50/$30 Refundable *               $75
    (w/ no current license)

    Lifetime Personal Protection      $40/$30 Refundable *               $60
    (w/ current valid license)

    Retired Law Enforcement Not Provided in Law Fee Exempt
    Corrections Officer Not Provided in Law Fee Exempt
    Firearms Dealer Not Provided in Law Fee Exempt

    * A portion of the local fee is refundable if a license is not issued.
    The entire state fee is refundable if no license is issued.

  • *For records requests and general records questions, please email [email protected] 

*For general information please call 812-244-2560*

Lieutenant Marc Phillips
[email protected]

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